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This blog is being hosted by Zulkaif Riazhimself. All the posts are written by zulkaif riaz.

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Our blog site is hosted by blogger and is using .com domain name for our site. Yout can read articles on various topics. We are trying our best to help newbies in blogging and website developement.

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This blog is created to share seo, technology and blogging knowledge with Newbies. Subscribe our newsletter to receive article alerts by email.


Zulkaif Riaz:-

Hi everyone, that's me "Zulkaif riaz" a professional blogger and seo expert. I am trying my best to provide you all possible solutions for Blogging, seo and web development. I hope you will enjoy my articles a lot.
If you are facing any problem you can contact me via email and facebook account.

Hi everyone, that's me Zulkaif Riaz . I am Author of ekaif.com and also a professional Blogger.
    I have also wrote many articles and guest posts on a few other websites. The main concept behind this blog is to help beginners and newbies.

Personal details:

Fsc (still a student)
Blogger/seo expert
Working experience:
3 years
Date of birth:

Contact Information:

Rehman town hasilpur , Pakistan.
Massenger id:

No one is perfect in this world and nothing is eternally best. I am trying my best to share my knowledge and experience with beginners.
 Here you can find best SEO TIPS and easy tricks to earn money online by working at home and on facebook as well. You can read a number of articles about blogging.

Frequently asked questions!

Q) Where should I focus on if I want to become a successful blogger?
A) you should focus on learning instead of earning.
Q) what should I do if I can't afford domain name and hosting?
A) You should use .blogspot.com domain in blogger. It's totally free of costs.
Q) I can't write more than 300 words, what should I do? 
A) You should try to write about 400 to 500 words. Your skills will improve automatically.
Q) when should i apply for adsence?
A) You should apply for this when your posts reach about 15 to 20 including with other pages like Privacy policy, about us, terms and conditions and contact us etc.
Q) should I use affiliate marketing survices?
A) Yes, you should.
Q) Which affiliate marketing survice should I use?
A) It depends on your website niche.
Q) Should i use .tk/ .ml/ .ga etc domain name?
A) No, this will effect your website ranking and adsense account.
Q) Blogger vs Wordpress, which is best?
A) I think Blogger.

Motivational Words For Beginners:

I know many Beginners are confused. Because they don't know where to go with Blogger or Wordpress. It also confuse beginners that which niche should i chose for my Blog and many other things confuse them.
You have to decide a best title for your website once, then you don't need to think about other things. This will also demotivate you.


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