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How to remove blogger attribution from sora templates?

Hey everyone, i am going to expose " how to remove blogger attribution from sora templates? ” Recently i explained how to remove powered by blogger from BlogSpot site in one of my previous articles. Removing attribution from blogger is compulsory if you are trying to make your blog look professional. There are two ways to do so. First way is to buy premium template while second one is given below. SoraTemplates:- Soratemplates or sora templates is the best template store for blogger themes from where you can easily download blogger themes and can upload on your blog. You can also buy premium (paid) version where footer credit is already removed. Removing blogger attribution from sora templates is a bit difficult as you are required to edit Html code. Many people try to do this simply by editing code in “ Edit html ” from blogger, but their site is redirected to another page. Note: Removing footer credit from free template is ‘illegal’. It may affect your blog’s ranking.