How i received 100 orders in first three months on fiverr?

Hey guys, i am fiverr expert (hired by Zulkaif riaz as content creator, you can read more posts from this blog) level 2 seller. I am here to share my experience with you. I started my freelancing career back in 2016 but due to lack of experience, knowledge and patience, I didn’t got any order. During 2017, i received a few orders on one of my gig and experienced many things from it. Later i deleted my account and created new one. I applied only a few things and got more than 100 orders in first 3 months. I am goings to share a few important points which you should keep in mind before creating your account on fiverr.

Always write a unique and SEO-Optimized description and use maximum keywords in your description. Like if you are going to create gig for logo designing and your keyword is “3d gaming logo”, you need to repeat this keyword more than 16 times if your description consists of 300 or more words.

  • Always have strong communication with clients. Offer them more at low rates. So that they also prefer you for next time. But don’t degrade yourself by offering something at 5$ which other are selling at 20$ or more.
  • Create captivating and attractive gigs images. If you can’t create/design such images then learn editing skills or hire someone but don’t think about downloading from google or copying from somewhere else.
  • Always try to use less competitive gig’s title. This will help you in ranking. There are a number of tools available on internet from where you can find less competitive titles and most of these tools are free.
  • Think a hundred times before using tags, 50% of your gig depends on tags. I have explained a trick for finding tags given below.

How to find best tags?

You just need to use fiverr search box for this purpose. Let’s suppose i am going to create a gig for “3d gaming logo”, I will search this word on fiverr search box. There i will see a number of words. I just have to copy them and paste as tags.

  • Don’t forget to do social sharing which is a secret behind my success. Simply copying link from fiverr and pasting on your social media account is not social sharing. You need to write it with manners so that it attracts other.
  • If you haven’t got any order yet, just delete your gig and create new one. Don’t think about editing your gig. Once i changed image of my gig, I didn’t got any order on that gig yet.
  • If you think you can get orders just by sending buyer requests, then you are a fool. Only 5% of buyers accept those requests and place order. So don’t waste your time by doing such shit things.


Creating fiverr studio:

Another best way to get more sales on fiverr is converting your fiverr profile into fiverr studio. Let's discuss about it:
"Fiverr Studio" is a new feature allowing one or more than one seller with different skills to sit united under one gig which is normally known as studio gig. Sellers can easily work together to offer/sell various services under one gig.
Buyers mostly prefer fiverr studio due to given reasons:-

  • Studio may provide more than one service.
  • Studio works faster as it is run by many sellers.
  • Studio can easily get more orders and reviews.
  • It is also a benefit that studio mostly remains online but it is difficult for a seller to remain online for 24/7 but a group or studio can easily manage this.

How to create fiverr studio?

Fiverr studio gives you the opportunity to work on complex projects together with other sellers. You can combine multiple skills that require multiple talents and offer pre-defined gigs.
To create a studio click "create a studio", in the profile picture section add a profile picture or logo of your company/studio.
In the studio name section, enter the name for your studio.
In the Tag Line section, you need to describe what your studio is? What it does?
In the cover image section, upload cover photo related to your fiverr studio. Share information, members detail and your previous projects list in description.
Now click on "create studio" button to continue.


There are no specific rules specified by fiverr related to your eligibility for creating fiverr studio.
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Have a great day☺
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