How and where should i start freelancing?

Recently I posted on my other blog about my little analysis of easy methods to earn money online. Where i couldn't explain about Fiverr and other freelancing platforms. Actually, that blog was about Internet and blogging only. That's why i decided to create this blog so that i could teach you more about freelancing and earning.

I know that many people are confused and they don't know where and how to start their freelancing career. So let me explain what freelancing is?

Freelancing is online job of article writing, seo, web developing, marketing, graphic designing, video editing and much more.
There are many freelancing platforms where you can earn money by doing tasks of your relevent catagory.
First you need to create Seller Account, then create Gig. Provide your work details there. Buyer w'll see your gig and will analyse it. If he found it usefull, then he w'll place an order. And so on......

Where should i start?

Fiverr is one of the best and most growing freelancing platform on internet. Just go and create your seller account for free.
upwork is also one of the most preferred plateform.

Why i am not getting orders?

If you are not getting orders, there may be several reasons for it but i am going to describe only basic things about it. If you kept these points in your mind, you w'll definetly start getting orders very soon.

  • Buyer always keep two things in his mind while checking gigs. One is your gig price, while 2nd is gig reviews. Although buyer order high priced gigs but its sales is much lower than the cheaper gig if we compare both of them.
  • You need to do proper research before offering any service on fiverr or other freelancing platform. You should know what other people are offering.
  • Upload a best portfolio and video on your gig. (don't copy from anywhere).
  • Write a clear description where you should also describe 'what you w'll offer in this gig?'
  • After posting your first gig on Fiverr, you should be online from 5 pm to 5 am daily.
  • Keep patience and don't think about moving on untill you get your first order even if it took 3 months or more.

From where should i learn skills?

Youtube, google and internet are your free and online teachers. You only have to give your time and interest there. If you have access to internet then you can learn skills easily.
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