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How to add custom ads.txt file in blogger?

The best way to earn money from your website is to show advertisements on your site. In ad networks, google adsense is considered as the most paying and trusted ad network. Recently google has announced that your earnings will be on risk untill you place " ads.txt " file on your website. Ads.txt: Ads.txt is a text file that contains a bit details about ad network working on your website. You will write about ad networks (eg, adsense) with its publisher id and have to add that file to your blog or server. You can add one or more than one ad networks in one ads.txt file. Why to add this file? A number of hackers get access to your account and place ad codes to your website. Usually when you use nulled script or theme on your website, you give a way to hackers by this. This type of malware and virus can effect your site, that's why you need to add ads.txt file in your website. Blogger:- To add ads.txt file in blogger, follow my given steps.

How to add push notification in blogger?

How to add push notifications in blogger? Push notifications are the notifications send from the website whome you have allowed. On some websites, you see a popup of " send notifications to us " with buttons of " Allow " and " Close " as you can see in screenshot. If you want to receive notifications from that website, you just have to click on " Allow " button. After that website owner will send you notifications, these notification will be same as you receive sms on mobile or facebook notifications. You can also block these notifications by Blocking them from settings at any time. You can easily cancel this by clicking " Close " button. Push notifications:- You can increase your daily visitors and number of views by using push notifications on your blogger website. All the top websites are using these survices to earn a lot of money. If you placed push notifications on your website, you have to analyse number of users a