10 tips to rank your website on google first page


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the most importent key for any website. Whenever you search for something on google, you found many results. Some results on first page, some on 2nd and so on. Every one wants to see his website on google's first page, this is only possible by seo. Google only ranks those posts having best content and many other things. Some are given below. Basically, there are two types of seo, you can read both of them in this article.


  • Website SEO Analysis
Analyse your site's ranking on google using google webmaster tool which is discussed below. You can also use Moz and Alexa to analyse seo.
  • Keyword Research 
Search for keywords on keywords tools, check it's competition and how many people are searching for it. You can use seo yoast and ahrefs to search best keywords for your website.

  • Check Site Speed
Seo also depends on speed of website. The less a website takes to load, the more speed that website has. You can increase your website speed by many ways which are discussed in below paragraph.
  • Mobile Friendly Test 
With advent of fastest internet, number of google users are using Android devices. Your site should be mobile friendly.
  • URL Mapping
It is the method to determine which page/post of your website should use a specific keyword to rank well on google.
  • Check Keyword Density
To determine density of any keyword, it is necessary. You can check Keyword Density by many tools.
  • Create Meta Tags
Meta tag and meta discription plays an important role in optimization of any website. You can add target keywords in meta tags.
  • Website URLs Structure Add Social Icons
If you add social icons and URLs to your website, this will not only make your website attractive but will also help in its ranking.
  • Create Heading Tags
Heading Tags "</h>" is used to html to show which is main heading of your post. You can also use targeted keywords as headings.
  • Create ALT Tags
ALT Tags are used in images to rank them well on google images. You should use best caption of your images in ALT tags.
Don't provide irrelevant data in ALT tag of images.
  • Check Internal Linking
Internal Linking also plays a deep role in SEO. You should check internal linking of your posts/pages. There are many tools used to detect internal linking of your website.
  • Check and implement Sitemaps
While using Google webmaster tool, you have to upload site map of your website. It helps google crawlers to index your pages on google search engine.
  • Check and Generate Robot.Txt file
Robot.txt file is used to prevent google crawlers to index your posts that you never want to see on google search engine.
  • Google Analytics Check and Setup Bing Webmasters 
You should use Google Analytics as well as Bing Webmasters tool, as these tools help your website to index well on their search engines.


OFF PAGE OPTIMIZATION is usually known as Backlinks but it is not correct. There are many other things which are used in off page optimization. I am going to discuss few of them.
  • Directory Submission
While doing SEO for your website, it is necessary for you to submit your website on different websites as this can provide backlinks for your website and google will rank your site.
  • Blog commenting
Comments on your blog can also become helpful for you. You should comment on different blogs with your website link to promote your website and to get backlinks from there.
Always comment on relevant posts only
  • Review posting
There are many websites where you can review your website. You only have to submit your site there. People will review your website with 1-to-5 star ratings. This will also provide you helpful backlinks.
  • Social media
Social media is the best ever way to drive traffic from there. You can create facebook page, youtube channel and twitter account with your website name, you should post your website link there.
  • Guest posting
Are you new in blogging? You don't know even ABC of SEO?
Then you should start your journey from guest posting. It means you have to write an article and have to publish on any famous website. You can add links in that article. This will help you to rank your website on google. There are many websites like quora, medium and ekaif which allows guest posting.
  • Photo sharing
I already have mentioned that, images are also helpful in search engine optimisation. You should use ALT tag to get rank in google images.


Content is the king. If you are writing posts full of knowledge, google will rank you. You should try to write posts as long as possible. Don't add irralevent things in your posts. Your post should be 300-1000 long. Always try to improve your grammar and cover spelling mistakes.

Google WebMaster:

Google web master is the tool that allows you to index your pages on google. You can signup to web master tool and can link your website to it. This will help you to rank your website. You should also upload sitemap on it. You can analyse your website traffic and traffic source from here.
Robot.txt is also helpful for this. Read more about this.


You should upload at least on image on every post to use as a thumbnail.
Many bloggers use someone else's image on their site. To rank your website, always try to design you own image. You can design any thumbnail using Adobe Photoshop. You can watch videos tutorials on youtube about this.


Keywords are main thing in whole game of seo. Keywords are those couple of words that people type on google to search about anything. Keywords can play amazing role in optimization of any site's ranking. Always try to target long tail keywords. There are many online tools that can help you to search for best keywords. Like ahrefs and seo yoast etc


Backlink is the incoming links to your website. When someone links any of your post to his website, this also helps your website to rank on google's first page. There are two types of backlinks:

Do Follow backlinks:

Do Follow backlinks  are more important than no follow backlinks. In do follow backlinks, users follows link to your site.

No Follow backlinks:

While no follow backlinks are not much important. Many websites are using no follow backlinks to avoid spamming. One of these websites is wikipedia, which is giving No Follow backlinks.

Last words:

In this article, I tried my best to mention only basic things and to avoid from those things which are not much important for SEO.  If you enjoyed this article then don't forget to share.
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