How to add robot.txt in blogger?

Robot.txt is used to prevent google crawlers to index irrelevant pages that you don't want to see on google search. You can also enhance robot.txt in blogger by just a simple method. So, let's start without wasting our time.

Why to use robot.txt?

If you are using Blogger and you are using Labels in your posts then google will also index your label link like this:-

Whenever I searched for my article on google, my article opened with above link. And I faced many other problems similar to this. So, I decided to use Robot.txt.
If you want to rank your website then it is compulsory for you to use Robot.txt.

Further Procedure:- 

Just follow my steps to use robot.txt on your blogger website.

Step 1)

Open on your browser. Login there or create new blog if you don't have any blog or want to try this on your new blog.

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Step 2)

In menu, go to Settings and then select Search Preferences. here you will see a lot of options there. Just click on edit option against Custom robot.txt.

Step 3)

Just copy and paste the following code and save it.

Don't forget to change "" with your blog or website url.

You can see your Robot.txt file by going to "" here you have to use robots.txt. 

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Last Words:-

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