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How to buy domain name in pakistan without credit card?

Want to buy domain name in pakistan but you don't have any credit card? Here is a solution. website developement is growing all over the world including Pakistan. For any website, domain name is it's first impression and we know first impression is the last impression.  Mostly domain selling companies are from USA, UK and other developed countries. These companies provide 24/7 active survice that's why many users prefer those top companies like Godaddy and namecheap . But in Pakistan, many youngsters are facing this issue that they don't have any credit or debit card to buy those domain names and hosting. I have solved their problem by writing this article. In this article, I am going to describe about those Pakistani websites that are providing domain name and hosting at cheap rate and are using Jazzcash and easypaisa as payment method. These companies are listed below: ehostpk:  is one the top web development and domain registration company in P

How to add robot.txt in blogger?

Robot.txt is used to prevent google crawlers to index irrelevant pages that you don't want to see on google search. You can also enhance robot.txt in blogger by just a simple method. So, let's start without wasting our time. Why to use robot.txt? If you are using Blogger and you are using Labels in your posts then google will also index your label link like this:- Whenever I searched for my article on google, my article opened with above link. And I faced many other problems similar to this. So, I decided to use Robot.txt. If you want to rank your website then it is compulsory for you to use Robot.txt. Further Procedure:-  Just follow my steps to use robot.txt on your blogger website. Step 1) Open  on your browser. Login there or create new blog  if you don't have any blog or want to try this on your new blog. 10 best seo tips to rank your blog on google's fir

10 tips to rank your website on google first page

Seo: Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the most importent key for any website. Whenever you search for something on google, you found many results. Some results on first page, some on 2nd and so on. Every one wants to see his website on google's first page, this is only possible by seo. Google only ranks those posts having best content and many other things. Some are given below. Basically, there are two types of seo, you can read both of them in this article. ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION Website SEO Analysis Analyse your site's ranking on google using google webmaster tool which is discussed below. You can also use Moz and Alexa to analyse seo. Keyword Research   Search for keywords on keywords tools, check it's competition and how many people are searching for it. You can use seo yoast and ahrefs to search best keywords for your website. Check Site Speed Seo also depends on speed of website. The less a website takes to load, the more speed that website ha