How to earn money by facebook page?

earn money by facebook page

Facebook is the largest social media platform having more than 2 Billion active users. There are many people on facebook that are earning money by using facebook page. You can get more likes and followers than youtube and Instagram. So, today i am going to explain about How to earn money by facebook page?.

Facebook Monetization:

Now facebook is also allowing its users to monetize their facebook page like Youtube. But, facebook has not specified its requirements as youtube did. If your facebook page is monetized, you can earn money by placing ads in facebook videos and articles. Here is the whole procedure for this.


  1. Your page should have specific liked. (it must be more than 10000 likes)
  2. You should have sufficient posts and post likes.
  3. Facebook may also check Shares and comments on facebook page.
  4. There should be no copyright issue on your facebook page.
  5. Your post should have a number of (unique) videos and long articles.
  6. Your page should be active, atleast two to three posts per week.

Further Procedure:

Open your browser and go to facebook for creator If your facebook account is already logged in then select your facebook page (on which you want to earn money). Go to monitization section. You can see that whether your facebook page is eligible for this or not.
Then,apply for monetization. You will recieve a confirmation notification in next 24 hours to 14 days.

Facebook e-commerce:

Another fast way to earn money using facebook account is selling goods and products on facebook page. You can get 100 times better response by advertising your facebook page. You have to spend a few money to reach more people. You must attach your whatsapp number or phone number to your facebook page so that customers may contact you to order something they want to buy.
You can also sell those products which you don't have. You can to visit any local or international shoping website like: Amazom, ebay, daraz or golootlo etc. Download picture of any product which you like and set more price than original. And order that product to your customer's address who will order that product from your page. You can generate more income by sharing those posts on facebook groups and your timeline.

Link shortner:

You can also generate revenue by sharing links and when someone will click on that link you will earn money by this. There are many websites providing this survice but i recommend ( as it gives more income than others. You can also withdraw 1$ easily.
Most of these sites are blocked on facebook and facebook don't allows anyone to share some links. You can use to short those links.

For example:

my short link is:
then will be:


You have to create a new account on by clicking on this link.  Then, you have to short any link from there. You have to shorten any link which you want. For example, i use my website link to short it. Now, you have to share this link on facebook etc.

Affiliate Marketing:

As i have already explained in my previous article that Affiliate marketing the best and easiest way to generate money. You have to post a link on facebook page. These links will be related to any shoping website and you will earn a lot of money when someone will buy any thing from those websites.

For example:

if i share a link for a selling TV from, And someone will buy that Tv by clicking link from my page. I will earn 20% of that Tv price. If price of that Tv is 1 Lac, i will earn 20,000 just by one click. How's that?


You have to visit any shoping website like  Amazon and have to signup for affiliate account. Now, it depends on your interest that which product you want to select for your facebook page followers. Copy the that link and post on facebook page.

Promoting Website:

You can promote your website using your facebook page. I know many bloggers who get mostly traffic from facebook. Social media also effects website ranking and seo (aka: search engine optimization). You can earn a lot of money from your website by this way if your website is monitized by Adsense or any other ad network.


You have to create a website according to people's interest. Most famous and Trending is News website. You can create a local news website using Blogger or Wordpress. You have to post news posts regularly almost daily. Now, share links on facebook page to get more views. when your adsense is aproved, you will earn a lot of money by these ways.
Note: it is illegal to buy or sell facebook page as it goes against facebook policy. 


If you are a youtuber then it is better for you to create a facebook page. You can double your earning by posting a video on both plateforms facebook and youtube. You can also promote your youtube channel by sharing it on facebook page and asking your followers to subscribe that youtube channel.


Create a facebook page for your youtube channel with same name,logo and meterials. You can earn on youtube as well as facebook with same videos. As this is discussed in first method.

Promote Your Business:

You can promote your local business by creating a facebook page about it. You can also show your phone number, location and website on page. There are many other importent ways to attrect users for your local business.

Tips For Facebook Page:

Here are some tips for facebook page:-

  • You should post daily and regularly.
  • Share those posts in facebook groups and on your timeline.
  • Invite your friends to like facebook page.
  • Add a unique Logo and cover to your facebook page.
  • Don't copy meterial from other pages/profiles.
  • Engage more people by advertising your posts.
  • Ask your friends to like your facebook page.
  • Be active and online.

Last Words:

Earning money through facebook is easier than other ways. As everyone is expert on facebook and i have already mentioned above that facebook is claiming that it has more than 2 Billion users.
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