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Wordpress is considered as the only website developement plateform being used by more than 1 Billion users. But, blogger is also performing well and is a best plateform for newbies. As it is very simple and is easy to use. Blogger is batter than wordpress in some ways like blogger is 100% free while wordpress is not.
Blogger is a google plateform while wordpress is not.
Blogger is not much popular, and many Developers are not giving any attention to blogger because blogger has only a few features while wordpress is advanced and has unlimited templates and plugins.
On the other hand blogger has only a few simple templates and a few widgets. But, a numer of blogger templates are designed by developers that are making blogger advance. You can use these templates for free while you can also buy premium version of these templates.


whenever, you will download any of the blogger template. You will recieve a .zip file. First of all you have to unzip that file. [You can download any app on mobile phone if your device do not support .zip file].
Then, go to menu. open THEME and click on "import theme" button in top right. Then, you have to upload .xml file which is present in folder that you have unziped. Then click on "save" button.
Here are few blogger templates which you should try for your blogger site.

1)Sora Font:

Sora font is a free blogger template however you can buy its premium version to remove there attribution. You can also remove blogger attribution read this article. Sora font is a simple template of dark blue colour. You can download this template and watch live demo.


Newcon is a seo friendly and beautiful blogger template. The best feature of this template is that it is most atttective template ever. Its main colour is yellow. You can download this template for free by clicking here.



We are also using publister template. This is also seo optimized and mobile user friendly. This template manages all lebels and posts automatically. Using this template you can attrect more users. Publister premium template has many more features. You can download publister blogger template and can view live demo by clicking here.

Demo: this website


4)Viral News:

If you are thinking to create News website, i will recomond you to use viral news blogger template. You can post news and articles in all languages. It's premium version is seo optimized and user friendly. Every news can become viral just in few minutes as this template uses social media sharing buttons. You can download this template by clicking on this link;-


5): Newspaper:

Newspaper blogger template is a 3D looking template and looks more beautiful and attrective. This template is has a unique function that it can automatically index your posts and pages in google search engine and your posts will be live on google in a few hours. You can also find best keyword from this template and can target that keyword on google search engine. Click here to download newspaper web template.


pixel is a lite blue coloured blogger template. It is responsive and best for your portfolio website. This template is considered as the best responsive website ever. This website has 3d effects like gomo template. You can download it by simply clicking here.

7)- Gossip:

Gossip is the best responsive blogger theme. It has side menu bar for mobile users. You can use it for all devices. The main feature of this template is a beautiful loading screen. Its main colour is Yellow. You can easily attach your instagram with it. Click here to get Gossip blogger template.

8)- Basil portfolio:

If you are going to create a beautiful and attractive portfolio for yourself or your company. Then I recommend you to try Basil portfolio at least once. This is a full responsive and 3d looking portfolio. You can check it's demo and can download it directly by clicking on this link given below.

Stay tuned with our website to get more blogger templates like this. I hope you enjoyed this article. Don't forget to share with your friends. Because sharing is caring
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