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How to create news website in blogger?

News websites has more earnings as compared with other websites. You can also drive traffic from facebook pages and google news. You can earn a lot if adsence account is approved on your website. Today i am going to explain how to create a news website using blogger . Your Focus:- While creating a news website, you should focus on some keypoints. Like is this local news site or international? is this English site or it has any other native language? And many other points are there, you should focus on. Here are a few points that you should read before creating any news website. Name:- Name of any website is the first impression of your website and First impression is the Last impression. Website name should be unique and should be easy to remember. You can buy domain name from Godaddy or Namecheap . Logo:- Mostly news websites has their logo design same. You logo should be unique. You can design logo by using photoshop or any other software. You can also create it onlin

How to earn money by facebook page?

Facebook is the largest social media platform having more than 2 Billion  active users. There are many people on facebook that are earning money by using facebook page. You can get more likes and followers than youtube and Instagram. So, today i am going to explain about How to earn money by facebook page?. Facebook Monetization: Now facebook is also allowing its users to monetize their facebook page like Youtube. But, facebook has not specified its requirements as youtube did. If your facebook page is monetized, you can earn money by placing ads in facebook videos and articles. Here is the whole procedure for this. #REQUIREMENTS: Your page should have specific liked. (it must be more than 10000 likes) You should have sufficient posts and post likes. Facebook may also check Shares and comments on facebook page. There should be no copyright issue on your facebook page. Your post should have a number of (unique) videos and long articles. Your page should be active, atle

Top awesome blogger templates |Blogger themes|

BLOGGER  Wordpress is considered as the only website developement plateform being used by more than 1 Billion users. But, blogger is also performing well and is a best plateform for newbies. As it is very simple and is easy to use. Blogger is batter than wordpress in some ways like blogger is 100% free while wordpress is not. Blogger is a google plateform while wordpress is not. Blogger is not much popular, and many Developers are not giving any attention to blogger because blogger has only a few features while wordpress is advanced and has unlimited templates and plugins. On the other hand blogger has only a few simple templates and a few widgets. But, a numer of blogger templates are designed by developers that are making blogger advance. You can use these templates for free while you can also buy premium version of these templates. HOW TO INSTALL? whenever, you will download any of the blogger template. You will recieve a .zip file. First of all you have to unzip that f