How to upload android app on play store for free?

Today, i am going to explain about android apps and how can we upload this on play store. Just follow my steps.

Android App (apk);-

Android app or game is used in android mobiles and are also called "Apk files". You can earn money by those apps. There are many famous apps like facebook & youtube are earning millons of dollars daily. You can earn money when someone will click on "ads" in your android app.

Creating Android App;-

To create android app, famous computer software "Android Studio" is used. However, "Unity 3D" is used to create 3D game. You cannot use these softwares without coding and basic knowledge. You can watch videos on youtube.
If you don't know coding, you can use online platforms like Appsgyser, Thunkable and Appybuilder etc.

App Types;-

There are many catagories of android apps. But, online apps and games are source of income as these apps can get more online traffic than others. Here is the method to create different apps easily.

  • Video app: just create a blog, upload few videos on it. And link that blog to Appsgyser.
  • Internet browser: search on google for Internet browser Aia file. Download that file and use thunkable to customise internet browser.
  • Web app: you can create such app easily using both thunkable and Appsgyser websites.
  • 2D game: You can create simple game in Appsgyser while professional game using Unity 2d software.
  • 3D game: the best solution for 3D game is unity 3D software which can be used to design 3D full featured game. You can also place unity ads and unity video ads in those games.
  • Beauty camera: Beauty camera can be created using Android Studio software. While, a few simple Aia files are now available for beauty camera app.


Google admob is google survice that allows you to show ads on your app to earn money. When someone will click on that ads, you will earn money. You can place Banner, Interstitial or video ads. Just log into admob, click on Add app and create any type of ad. Then, copy "Ad unit id" to paste in your app. Here is an example of Thunkable.

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Other ad networks:-

There are many other networks where you can easily earn money by android apps. The most famous of them is admob which is discussed above. While, you can also use following ad networks:
  • Unity ads: these ads can only be used in unity 3D software. You cannot place unity ads in apps.
  • Start app: this is a 3rd party ad network. This will provide you a SDK fill. You have to enhance that file to your apk file.
  • Tap joy: tap joy has more than 77 million monthly users. You can also put in app-purchase using tap joy. Top joy is mostly used for 3d games
  • Hunt: Hunt has more than 2 billion mobile users. You can place hunt SDK file and Api to got more revenue.
  • Adsence: Adsence is also a google survice but it only works for website and youtube video. But if your app is attached with your website or youtube channel, you can earn money through it.

Upload android app;-

To upload android app, you have to create "google developer console" account. You have to pay 25$ (USD) for this. And your app will be available in


  1. icon
  2. short discription
  3. long discription
  4. privacy policy page
  5. Background banner or youtube video
  6. Apk file
  7. screen shots


Just log into google developer console account and upload your app or game which will be available in 24 hours. Sometimes, this may take 48 hours to be published on playstore.


If you don't have google developer console account and want to upload your app or you want to create android app with admob ads. Just contact me, i will upload your app on play store just in 1$ and other survice will be free of cost. You can also pay through Jazzcash or easy paisa in Pakistan.

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