How to earn money online by working at home?

Today, I am going to discuss how to earn money online? By working at home.
There are many ways to earn money online. And today we are going to discuss easiest of them. Lets start

1)- Youtube Channel;-

You can earn money by publishing your videos on youtube. But, you need 10,000 subscribers and 40,000 watch hours to start earning on your youtube channel. First you have to click here to create your youtube channel. You have to posts unique videos.
Don't upload anyone's video. Otherwise, your monitization will be disabled.

2)- Facebook page;-

Now facebook is also sharing revenue with facebook page admin. This requires a specific like for facebook page. You have to upload a unique videos same as you did in case of youtube. But here, situation is change. you need ads approval for every video that you upload. It may depends upon views, likes or how old that video is.

3)- Creating website;-

Earning money from youtube is tough and time taking work. However, you can earn money by creating website. For example; if you create a movie website and your adsense account is enabled, you will earn money when someone visits your site or clicks on a ad click here to read more
For google adsence, your site must be 2 months old and should have 20 unique posts.

4)- Link shortner;-

There are a few sites that allows you to earn money by sharing a specific link. when someone will click on link you will earn money. This is the easiest way. However, there are a few scaming site. Beaware from them. SHORTE.ST is a best link shortner site. You can earn 1$ on each 500 clicks. you can also withdraw 1$ using paypal or any other payment method.

5)- Freelancing;-

You can also do a part time (online) job to earn money known as "freelancing". There are two major plateforms for freelancers. UPWORK and FIVERR. If you are a good writer, logo designer, pic editor, video editor, software engineer or any other, you have to find a job on upwork and you will be paid for your work.

6)- Earning apps;-

There are a few apps, where you can earn money by watching ads and doing other tasks. Here, you can earn Bitcoins and dollers. And can withdraw money using paypal, skrill and payoneer. You can create your paypal account in pakistan read more. Hapoapp is one of the trending app now a day.

7)- Affiliate marketing;-

If you have a youtube channel, website or facebook page. You can earn money by sharing link of specific product.
Example;- Amazon is online shoping site where you can buy any product world wide like daraz in pakistan. When you create Amazon Affiliate Account, you will a specific link of any product which you want to share. If you have sports facebook page and share link of football and if someone will click on that link to buy football, you will recieve commision from Amazon.

8)- Reseller;-

If you are a web developer then it is the best ever idea for earning in short time. If you create a website that provides web hosting and domain name. you can get many viewers in a short time. Because web developement industry is increasing day by day. You will also get commision when someone will buy product from your website. there are many websites giving these sites including godaddy, namecheap etc

9)- e-commerce;-

In these days, you don't need to visit any markete to buy something. you can buy anything on internet. There are many sites like; Amazon, alibaba and daraz that allows you to buy anything online. these sites are e-commerce sites. you can create online shoping centre with name of your city and can sell anything.

10)- Gamming;-

If you are best in gamming, then it can also become a source of earning for you. You have to play online games like 8 ball pool, Pubg and need for speed ;no limit. All of these are multiplayer games. If you get many coins in any popular game, you can sell that account. You just have to search that games group on facebook.
For example; buy/sell 8 ball pool coins just send a few screenshots with a bit of information related to that account.
Beaware from scammers.

 Last words:-

You must watch youtube videos and read blogs before trusting on any website or app. Because here are a lot of scammers that won't pay you.

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