How to create a website like facebook?

website like facebook
How to create a website that looks like facebook?

Social media sites are growing day by day. Facebook,Youtube and Instagram are top trending apps on google playstore. And facebook is listed as website having most regular users and is earning billions of dollers. A social media website or app allows you to login or create new account, add friends, share posts, send massage and much more. All of these features will be available in your website. A social media website becomes popular just in few days and engages millions of users world wide.
Have you ever thought to create a website that looks like facebook?. When i first thinked about this, someone told me that it is impossible. But after becoming a professional blogger, i realized that "nothing is impossible". And then, i realy searched about it and now i am going to share all of my experiance with my viewers.


niche means topic or field. For example: Local social media, videos (youtube), business,fashion, and religion etc.
first of all you must select best niche of your interest. You can also create a local social media website to engage users more rapidly. i am going to create a website same like that of facebook.

Domain name:-

Domaim name or name of website is considered as the first impression of any website and first impression is the last impression. So, first you have to buy a domaim name. You can buy from namecheap and godaddy etc. Here are a few tips while selecting a domain name:
domain name should be short
it should be rememberable
it should not contain "Desh" and "digits" etc
domaim name should be related to your niche

As i have already mantioned in above tip that domaim name should be related to your niche for example I am going to buy (it is not my domain). As this domain name is related to all of the above tips.


Hosting is the online storage of any website. If you are going to create a professional website, you must buy premium hosting of minimum 10GB. You can buy hosting from many websites. If you are just testing this site then you must use shared hosting or free hosting. You can update any hosting package. If you are getting more users, you should update your hosting package because more users will upload more pictures, videos and other files that will be directly stored in your hosting.
Buy cheap hosting

Open Source Social Network:-

open source social network also known as OSSN is an open source code for social media website that nearly looks like facebook. It has many features like facebook.It is launched under GNU (General Public Lisence) and GPL v.2 lisence which allows you to edit it or modify it. It was first launched on 4 November 2014 by Arsalan Shah. It can be installed on hosting having php 5.4 and MySql support. It can be used in almost all languages but English and German are official languages.Some of these features are given below:

  • Login or signup
  • Add friends
  • Accept/reject friend request
  • Add status
  • send photo/video
  • Create groups
  • Create page
  • Send massage
  • send sticker
  • comment on post
  • like/react/share any post
  • tag someone
  • mention anyone
  • share location
  • recieve notificatons
  • manage profile
  • birthday wish

and much more

You have to visit ossn official website to download this source code. This source code is totally free. However,you have to buy its premium version in order to remove their watermark from this website. You will download a .zip file from that website.
You have to visit your hosting provider site. You much sute that your domain name is linked with your hosting. Go to cpenal of your hosting and visit file manager. There upload file. And unzip that file by clicking on extract button.
Then visit database of your hosting and fill the required data there including email and password.
now your website is live. Now visit your site and create new account there. And share your first post on that website. Share website link with your friends and on othet social media platforms to engage more users. You can also drive traffic from google adword and facebook ads.

Android app:

To create android app like facebook, you have to create a web app. You can create such app from many websites like appsgyser and thunkable. You can learn more about creating android app and publishing on google playstore for free by clicking here.


1)- You can create a huge social media platform just in few days.
2)- You can earn a lot of money after having a large number of users.
3)- Such websites can get millions of backlinks from all over the world. And such websites can get high ranking on google.
4)- Users that are familiar with facebook can use it easily.


1)- This website will not only be yours as you are using 3rd party source code and hosting. Facebook has there on server, it is not managed by any hosting provider.
2)- Whenever you tell someone that there is a website that looks like facebook, should we try that. He will reply something like this "What's New?". which new fearure is available in that website which facebook or any other website don't  have? No one will think to try that websie and your website will be taken down after one year due to need of funds.

There are many other methodes to create a website like facebook. As listed below

2nd method to create a website that looks like facebook

Using Wordpress:

Wordpress is the fentestic platform which supports CMS (content managment system). It has performed well in last 7 years and has crossed both blogger and joomla. You can also create a website using wordpress that looks like facebook. I am going to describe a few themes and plugins for this.


Buddypress is a famous wordpress plugin which can add some features like user profile, activity feed, mention someone and groups etc. Buddypress also uses GPL lisence. But, you have to install some other plugins to make your website like facebook.


bbpress is also a wordpress plugin which can be used to create online forum. Where users can post something. Users can also post videos and images in that forum.
You can add more plugins to beautify your website.

Buddypress themes:

Now you have to add a theme to your website. There are many themes of different colours,designs and styles. But i am talking about Facebook so, i would like to use BeSocial theme because it looks like facebook. If you are going to create professional website, then you must prefer premium theme. while, if you are just testing then you can use any free theme. You can get more information about these themes by searching it on google.


BeSocial is a responsive wordpress theme which looks like facebook as you can see in given screenshot.
Besocial has a blue coloured theme, you can change its colour and background image. You must search more themes to select that one which you like. Just customise this theme for your site.

Further Procedure:

You have to buy wordpress hosting. In wordpress, go to "Plugins" and search for Buddypress. And activate that plugin. Then, customise that plugin as you want.You can enable and disable many features. After this, install bbpress plugin in your website. Now, go back to main menu and select "Themes" and search for besocial to use this theme on your website.

Last words:

This is awesome trick to create a website like facebook. Please share with your friends to motivate me, so that I will be able to create more amazing posts like this.
Sharing is Caring 😊
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