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How to create a website like facebook?

How to create a website that looks like facebook? Social media sites are growing day by day. Facebook,Youtube and Instagram are top trending apps on google playstore. And facebook is listed as website having most regular users and is earning billions of dollers. A social media website or app allows you to login or create new account, add friends, share posts, send massage and much more. All of these features will be available in your website. A social media website becomes popular just in few days and engages millions of users world wide. Have you ever thought to create a website that looks like facebook?. When i first thinked about this, someone told me that it is impossible. But after becoming a professional blogger, i realized that " nothing is impossible ". And then, i realy searched about it and now i am going to share all of my experiance with my viewers. Niche:- niche means topic or field. For example: Local social media, videos (youtube), business,fashion, a

How to upload android app on play store for free?

Today, i am going to explain about android apps and how can we upload this on play store . Just follow my steps. Android App (apk);- Android app or game is used in android mobiles and are also called " Apk files ". You can earn money by those apps. There are many famous apps like facebook & youtube are earning millons of dollars daily. You can earn money when someone will click on " ads " in your android app. Creating Android App;- To create android app, famous computer software " Android Studio " is used. However, " Unity 3D " is used to create 3D game. You cannot use these softwares without coding and basic knowledge. You can watch videos on youtube. If you don't know coding, you can use online platforms like Appsgyser, Thunkable and Appybuilder etc. App Types;- There are many catagories of android apps. But, online apps and games are source of income as these apps can get more online traffic than others. Here is the metho

How to earn money online by working at home?

Today, I am going to discuss how to earn money online? By working at home . There are many ways to earn money online. And today we are going to discuss easiest of them. Lets start 1)- Youtube Channel;- You can earn money by publishing your videos on youtube. But, you need 10,000 subscribers and 40,000 watch hours to start earning on your youtube channel. First you have to click here to create your youtube channel. You have to posts unique videos. Don't upload anyone's video. Otherwise, your monitization will be disabled . 2)- Facebook page;- Now facebook is also sharing revenue with facebook page admin. This requires a specific like for facebook page. You have to upload a unique videos same as you did in case of youtube. But here, situation is change. you need ads approval for every video that you upload. It may depends upon views, likes or how old that video is. 3)- Creating website;- Earning money from youtube is tough and time taking work. However, you can ear