How to create verified paypal account in pakistan?

Hi everyone, today I am going to explain how to create a verified account in pakistan?
Paypal is a online plateform which allows you to send and receive money from anywhere in the world. But unfortunately, paypal is not working in pakistan. There are a few tricks to create paypal account, and I am going to share one with you.
paypal in Pakistan

Disclaimer:-This trick is 100% working and I have tried this. But, this is not legal according to paypal terms and conditions. So, do this at your own risk.

1)- create payoneer account:-

Login to payoneer account by clicking here, and create your payoneer account.
There you have to provide your real information id card and bank account. You can use anyone's information whome you know (your relatives) if you don't have bank account or id card. You have to provide exact address and post office number.

2)- payoneer ATM card:-

You will receive a confirmation email from payoneer in 3 to 4 days. Sonetime it takes upto one week.
Then, you will receive ATM card from payoneer on your provided address. You can activate that card by signing up to your account. You have to provide 16 digits of  that card.

3)- payoneer email:-

Payoneer will send you email with an American bank detail that will be only for you (including with bank soft code and routing code) .  They will ask you a few typical questions and also ask you to send Nadra id card copy etc. You have to send it's photo on there website. if you don't have any decument, you can search for it on google or can ask me in comment.
But, you have to remember soft code and other information about bank which you have received from payoneer. Because you have to provide this information on paypal account. 
Don't share this information with any other, this unique detail is only for you.

4)- Login to paypal:-

Now go to paypal by clicking here, and go to sign up option. You have to provide fake information about yourself and email address etc.
Your email address should be because gmail is more preferred by paypal instead of yahoo or any other. 

5)- fake name and address:-

You can generate fake name and address from This website can provide name, address and other details of American citizen. You can generate information about any person living in America, you have to provide these detail to paypal.
These details are 70% original. You can also use any other source.

6)- mobile number verification:-

Now, you have to verify your American mobile phone number. You can also use a fake trick. Go to 
Note: you have to enter same area code that you will receive from fake name generator. And you will provide payoneer account detail in paypal. That's it.
You have to enter a phone number that you will see on textnow website. Then, You will receive a six (may be 5) digits code on TextNow website sent from paypal. You have to enter that secret code in Paypal to verify you account.

Easy tips:-

  • Don't use proxy or vpn.
  • Don't apply this trick again and again on same ip address.
  • Make sure that you have entered correct information.
  • If you have any issue, you can contact below.
There are many websites and facebook pages offering a verified paypal account. You can contact any trusted one to buy paypal account. You can also contact us. is a website that is powered by paypal. It works in Pakistan. If you want to receive money from any country, you can ask your client to send you money using, for this purpose you have to provide your bank account details. But unfortunately, this survice do not work for freelancing plateforms like fiverr and upwork.

Need paypal dollars??

If you need paypal dollars for any purpose, you can contact us. We will provide you in cheap rates.
Thanks for reading this article, I hope you this will help you a lot. Give your feedback in comments.


  1. Yr bhai jo bhi new paypal bana raha hu first payment receiving or claim a raha is ka hal btao

    1. Bro, ap payment send krnay wale se kaho ke se send kre. bhi paypal ki service he jo pakistan mn kam krti he. Lakin iss ke liay ap k pass pakistani bank account hona zarori he.

  2. Why is this illegal? Can you explain this?

    1. Because this is against paypal terms and conditions. You are not allowed to use fake name, address, phone number etc. That's why this is illegal and paypal can block your account.


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