How to start a blog? easy way to earn money


Today I am going to tell you about "how to start a blog?" And earn money. Most of the biggeners create a account, write a couple of short blogs and apply for adsence account. When request is disaproved, they move on.......
In reality, blogging is not too much easy.  But you can become expert in a few day if you work with patience.

Select your niches:-

"Niches are topics on which you are going to write for". For example; technology, science, education, health & fashion etc.
Like this blog is about education. 
You have to decide your niche, to start your blogging career.

Domain name & Hosting:-

"A specific link of website is it's domain" like '' etc. And hosting is storage or space required for your website. Mostly users prefer blogger or wordpress to start blogging. And your domain will be like this;-
"" or "". To use your domain like "", you need a premium domain name which you can buy from godaddy and namecheap.

Create a blog:-

Simply visit and login with google account. Then, enter your website name and select any theme. And click ok. Your blogger account is ready to use. You can also use wordpress or any other website to start your blogging. But I prefer blogger, as it is free and very easy to use.

Create a page:-

Go to menu and select page option and click on create your first page option. You have to create at least 5 pages with titles;- about us, contact us, help etc.
Don't forgot to click on 'Publish' button after writing your page*

Create a post:-

Now you have to write posts as many as you can. Create at least 20 posts to get adsence aproval. Your each post should consist of 1000 (or more) words.
Don't try to copy content from other sites*

Share on social media:-

Create your Facebook fan page and share links to that page. Also try to share on other social media sites like Twitter, instagram and LinkedIn etc. Try to send your site links to watsapp groups, this can increase your audience.

Follow button:-

Go to layout in menu and select add gadget option. You will see many gadgets, there select follow by email button. By this gadget, viewers can follow your website. When you will write a new blog, they will receive email including with post link. This can increase your views and followers.

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Focus on SEO:-

seo stands for "search engine optimization". When you search about anything on google, you will see many results. To take your site on google first page, you have to focus on a few tips.
  • Write easy and clear words without any spelling mistake.
  • Don't try to copy material from other websites.
  • Don't upload too much pictures or videos on one post.
  • Your page must be simple and unique, don't use all gadgets.
  • Try to write easy words that anyone can understand. Don't use difficult words.
  • Try to use your own (.com or any other) domain name for better impression.

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Allow comments:-

Go to settings and select yes on "allow commenting" option. This will allow your viewers to comment on your post. Always try to be online and reply to your viewers. Your answer should be that which can satisfy anyone.

This was a tutrial to start blogging. I hope you will start your journey with patience. If you have any question about blogging, you can comment below.
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  1. Sir, how can I buy I domain name?

    1. You can buy domain name from godaddy and namecheap etc. But I will suggest

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    1. Thanks for sharing useful information. Also remember me in your posts.

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  5. Well, blogging is the current need of hour for every enthusiastic and creative writer. It is a nice way to not only convey the thoughts but also to make a reputable space in industry.

    Thanks for sharing tips to start blogging.

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  7. By allowing comments on your post, you allow your readers to engage in dialogue and will be able to discover a lot of new and interesting things for all parties.


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