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How to start a blog? easy way to earn money

Today I am going to tell you about " how to start a blog? " And earn money. Most of the biggeners create a account, write a couple of short blogs and apply for adsence account. When request is disaproved, they move on....... In reality, blogging is not too much easy.  But you can become expert in a few day if you work with patience. Select your niches:- "Niches are topics on which you are going to write for". For example; technology, science, education, health & fashion etc. Like this blog is about education.  You have to decide your niche, to start your blogging career. Domain name & Hosting:- "A specific link of website is it's domain" like '' etc. And hosting is storage or space required for your website. Mostly users prefer blogger or wordpress to start blogging. And your domain will be like this;- " " or " ". To use your domain